Everything can become a searchable PDF

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Requires macOS 10.13.2 or later

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PDFify creates searchable PDF with fast and reliable OCR that supports more than 100 languages!

Not only existing PDFs can be processed, but also images, scans, screenshots, e-mails, web pages and more. Just drag and drop your files onto PDFify and the rest is done automatically.

Besides the well-proven text recognition of Tesseract, Apple's integrated text recognition is supported alternatively. Find your personal favorite.

Powerful features make it easy to add new pages to your PDF:

  • Create screenshots directly from the app
  • Use your iPhone or iPad as a scanner (Continuity Camera)
  • The app offers its own great scanner dialog
  • Choose PDFify as the destination for your ScanSnap scans
  • Paste pages directly from the clipboard

Other useful functions make working with PDF better:

  • Let the computer read aloud content
  • Reduce the size of the PDF file (Squeeze)
  • Copy all text content with one click
  • Share, save or print the finished PDF

And in case a mistake is made, UNDO will revert your steps.

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