PDFify 3.3

Squeeze - Reduce file size

The file size optimization algorithm had to be completely reimplemented due to changes in the current macOS. The result is an improvement of the results and a deeper integration into the workflow during the composition of a new PDF.

Pages are now optimized when they are already added or edited. PRO users can further refine these settings.

The following default settings are available:

  • Original: The original data is retained. No further changes to the data, although it is possible that compressions of the originals are already included, which may also result in good values.
  • Light compression: 300 dpi, 80% quality
  • Medium compression: 144 dpi, 75% quality
  • Strong compression: 72 dpi, 50% quality

The current file size is now displayed in the center of the lower status bar.

Continuity Camera

Continuity Camera is a great feature that turns the iPhone into the document scanner of the Mac. Unfortunately, when using this feature, a white frame is added, which is annoying. In the latest version of PDFify this frame is removed and also OCR starts immediately after importing the document. So Continuity Camera becomes an even more useful tool. It is easily accessed via the sheet with the plus symbol in the toolbar or by right-clicking in the PDF itself.

More changes

The rotation of a page that is present during scanning or for other reasons is now preserved.

Web page URLs can now be inserted by copy and paste. The contents of the page are automatically converted into a nice PDF.

There were other minor bug fixes. New features are planned, more detailed information is available at pdfify.app/future.