PDFify is a small macOS tool for combining pages from different sources to one PDF and applying text recognition if required.

Text Recognition - OCR

The text recognition is based on Tesseract, a very mature Open Source solution that is supported by big companies. The version 4.0 that is used in PDFify is state of the art and fast enough for comfortable user experience.

For each language separate trained data sets are available, optimized for speed and quality. In the setting dialog you can choose between those two flavors as fast and best.

Check the languages you want to use. You can check more than one, but I would recommend to use as few as possible ideally just one of them.

Add Pages

You can start with the following options:

  1. Open an existing PDF with PDFify, you will need to manually apply OCR
  2. Start with an empty document

right In both cases you can add new pages to the end of the document by dragging content on the window or choosing Add Pages from the toolbar or the main menu entries below Pages.

But you can also copy and paste files, PDFs, images, screen shots and more.

You can experiment, there is always undo to get you back to the previous state if something went wrong.



PDFify provides a comfortable scanner dialog. It shows a list of all available devices on the left. After selecting a scanner die macOS scan interface will show up with the usual options. Scan as many pages as you like, they will be appended to the current document and OCR applied. Press Done to leave the dialog.

Tip You can of course choose any settings you like, but the following have proven to be a good default:

Type: Color or Black and White
Resolution: 300dpi


Particularly good results can be achieved with a document scanner such as ScanSnap from the manufacturer FUJITSU. There the use of the in-house OCR software Abbyy Fine Reader is recommended.

The following video shows how to integrate the Receips app directly into ScanSnap Home. For PDFify the steps are the same :

Click to play

This video shows how to integrate Receips app into the older ScanSnap Manager:

Click to play


When dragging mail of .eml files on PDFify these will be converted to a paged PDF. This is very useful for Apple Store or Google PlayStore invoices, because you can skip the printing dialog completely. Most email apps, among them Apple Mail, are supported.


Also web pages are automatically converted to paged PDF files. Drag the URL from your favorite browser on a PDFify window.

Work with PDF


right Reduce the size of the PDF by reducing the size of contained images. This is achieved by two parameters:

  1. The density of pixels in the image expressed by DPI (dots per inch) ranging from 75 to 600
  2. The compression used for the image with the choice between low and average

After the compression is applied a dialog gives you feedback about the result achieved. You might need to experiment a bit with it. Just apply undo and start over again.

squeezed info

Apply OCR on existing PDF Pages

right If you open PDF files or add PDF pages to a document, it might already have text information you might want to keep. Therefore the decision is up to you if these pages should have OCR applied or not.

On click on the OCR toolbar button only these pages will have OCR applied and the button is also only enabled, if such pages exist.

Insight The reason this has not been automated is, that sometime you have a PDF that contains text but if you copy and paste it somewhere else you figure out the characters do not match their representation and thus the info is useless. This is something an algorithm cannot identify 100% and therefore this decision is left to you.

Copy Text

right One click to copy all plain text contained in the current PDF.

Read Text

right Reads the content of the PDF with the default voice you can specify in the macOS Settings. Click again to stop reading.


right Print the current document.


right Share the document with other apps and services.

Undo / Redo

All operations done can also be undone or redone. Go to the main menu and choose Undo or Redo from the Edit menu. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts CMD + Z or CMD + SHIFT + Z as in any other good Mac application.

Good to Know


All operations happen locally and no content of your documents is send to any server. We just connect to the internet for loading the language files, sending crash reports or sending support messages.

For details see Privacy Policy.


There is a built in support dialog in the app that is powered by that will help us to get feedback to you more easily. If this documentation did not answer your questions, that's the preferred way to go.


The app is free. No hidden ads. No data collection.

The main purpose is to serve as a showcase for the powerful feature in my other products Receipts and Collect. If you like PDFify you might also like these ;)