Support can be reached at the following e-mail address:

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

▶︎ Use the app in a different language?

The language in which the app is displayed depends on the operating system setting. If you still want to display the app in a different language, you can use the handy tool "App Language Chooser" which can be downloaded from the AppStore:

▶︎ How can I send log files?

To send the log files please inside the running app go to the main menu "Help" and then choose "Support". In the support form choose "Add logs" from the top right attachments button.

▶︎ Can document scanners like ScanSnap be used?

Sure, just register PDFify as an application in the ScanSnap Manager and create a profile sending scans to it. The preferred format is JPG but PDF also works.

▶︎ Does PDFify use an online service?

No! PDFify works completely offline. If it need to request data from the internet like for loading additional language data or sending bug reports, it will explicitly ask for your consent. Please also take a look at the Privacy Policy of this web site and product:

▶︎ How can I activate the license?

Download the license file from the link provided and save it to your local drive. Make sure that the PDFify app has been downloaded from the homepage and installed: Now the license file can be applied by double-clicking or dragging it onto the dock icon of the running PDFify app. To confirm, the license data will be displayed in the app and the PRO functions will be unlocked.

▶︎ Is macOS Mojave supported?

Yes, macOS 10.14 "Mojave" including Dark Mode is supported